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4 hours and 230 miles of driving for 22 minutes of Grace

Grace VanderWaal Wilkes Barre Kia Niro Story

I knew that, as part of a multi-band radio station concert, she wouldn’t perform a long set but still I patiently waited for Let It Show tickets to drop, drop, drop in price to a more than reasonable $13 each on SeatGeek, and then surprised the girls with a semi-spontaneous 2-hour drive after school to see Grace VanderWaal in Wilkes-Barre, PA the night before I’d fly away to England, the night before I was set to drive 750+ miles during my English football binge week dream trip.

I could’ve stayed at home, double checked that I had everything in my backpack (including lip balm which I always forget — and did forget again), gotten a good night’s sleep.

But then we wouldn’t have seen Grace.

The drive, the miles, the time — it was all totally worth it, it was all so much more than this.

Grace VanderWaal has only a dozen or so tour dates on the docket in 2018, all of which are more than 2-hours and 230-roundtrip miles away, all of which are sold out and going for anywhere from $130-$400 on SeatGeek, and anyway, the closest date, in D.C. at the famed 9:30 Club (which I’d LOVE to take my girls to someday), happens while we are out of town, so…

Carpe diem and whatnot.

Let’s see Grace, if only for 22-minutes, right freaking now!

Grace VanderWaal Wilkes Barre Kia Niro Story Grace VanderWaal Wilkes Barre Kia Niro Story

Being in the fuel efficient lady boss that is our cherry red Kia Niro makes decisions like this one, to drive 230-miles roundtrip to experience a 22-minute opening set of music by 13-year-old GraceVanderWaal, to surprise my two little FanderWaals, to spend once-in-a-lifetime time with my wonderful daughters, an extremely easy one.

Thanks in large part to the Kia Niro, our night together costs just $39 for 3 tickets, a few bucks for PA Turnpike tolls and less than $15 for a mere 5 gallons of gas to travel those 230 miles up to Wilkes-Barre and back home late at night on a school night.

*OWTK is a Kia Ambassador with a long term Niro loaner. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always. The Niro is a fuel efficient lady boss and we love her.

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