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My Eight Favorite Songs of 2016

2016 is the year I finally got that turntable, the one too replace the broken turntable, the broken turntable I finally unplugged and tossed into the garbage. All the while, and it must’ve been 2 years at least, I kept on buying vinyl knowing someday, some beautiful future day, I’d be able to spin them, hear them, bask in the warm glow of them.

That day came on September 16th, two Amazon Prime days after I pressed PLACE ORDER on the Audio Technica Bluetooth Turntable and it has been a glorious 14+ weeks of music listening, in my office and, really, throughout the entire house thanks to a decent range when paired with our JBL Charge 2 Speaker or my Sudio Bluetooth earbuds.

Anyway, you clicked to discover my favorite songs of 2016 not to get a long preamble, so here goes:

Durand Jones & the Indications “Smile” from s/t

Lucius “Something About You” from Good Grief

Car Seat Headrest “Fill In The Blank” from Teens of Denial

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness “Fire Escape”

Sturgill Simpson “All Around You” from A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

Lucius “The Punisher” from Pulling Teeth 10″

Whitney “No Matter Where We Go” from Light Upon The Lake

but my absolute favorite, #1 song of 2016 is:

“As If By Design”, the final cut on the new Dawes album We’re All Gonna Die.

That piano, man o’ man, that piano.

Enjoy my eight favorite songs of 2016 on Spotify but I can attest to how much fuller, better and more beautiful they each sound on vinyl.

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