A Priceless But Unexpected Copa America Centenario Final

Priceless Copa America Centenario Final Messi Retirement_Argentia Flag Face Paint

It was tired, tenacious and, at times, tedious but it was priceless too even though I may have watched the greatest football player’s final match for his country.

Priceless Copa America Centenario Final Messi Retirement Argentina Fans

When Mastercard so kindly invited me up to MetLife Stadium for the Priceless experience of watching the Copa America Centenario Final between Argentina and Chile, I thought there was a better than 50/50 chance I would see my favorite footballer, Lionel Messi, lift his first trophy for his country.

Priceless Copa American Centenario Final Messi Retirement Coin Toss

It was all smiles between Messi and FC Barcelona teammate Claudio Bravo before the match.

While Messi played well despite being battered by a relentless Chilean defense for 120 minutes, and in spite of Higuaín and Di María being unable to put a shot or cross on target for two hours, the competition came down to penalties and, well, you probably know how that turned out.

Messi put his kick high over the crossbar and looked despondent. Later, after the game, he announced he was finished with national team duty.

Priceless Copa America Centenario Final Messi Retirement Penalty Kick

Moments before the fateful kick, Messi’s last for Argentina.

Instead of watching Leo Messi raise a trophy above his head, I watched him hold his head in his hands and play his final match in the baby blue and white vertical stripes of Argentina. A priceless experience but not the one I was hoping for that night.

Priceless Copa America Centenario Final Messi Retirement

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*Mastercard provided me with a ticket and a parking pass to the Copa America Centenario Final Match. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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