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How We Got Rid Of Mosquitoes And Learned To Love (Our Backyard) Again

“I’ve got 12! Wait…13!!”

“1, 2, 3…8, 9, I think I have 9 bites. Darn.”

Baseball is my sport of summer but for my two daughters, a competition of another sort has developed over the years as these two outdoorsy girls make a nightly tally of mosquito bites to see who’s blood is the most desirable to pesky flying insects. The Mrs. is far from immune too. She endures a string of mosquito souvenirs up and down her body. It’s a wonder she doesn’t slide into attire more appropriate for a radioactive spill than sitting in the backyard during a summertime cookout.

DynaTrap GuardYourYard how we got rid of mosquitoes

The ladies in my home must have the sweetest blood because they cannot walk the 15 yards from the front door of our home to the car in the driveway without each suffering a bug bite and so over the years, they’ve been spending more and more time indoors, leaving our spacious fenced-in yard feeling more abandoned then a lost kid at a shopping mall.

DynaTrap GuardYourYard how we got rid of mosquitoes

How We Got Rid Of Mosquitoes And Learned To Love (Our Backyard) Again

This spring, I began to slowly reclaim our backyard with the firepit my wife has wanted for years, a homemade cornhole game my daughters and I built together and now, the final and most important piece, a DynaTrap XL system to eliminate mosquitoes and other unwanted backyard visitors.

This past week the girls wanted to sleep outside in a camping tent, a request they would have NEVER made in years past but our DynaTrap XL has been hanging up and powered on for over 3 weeks now and there’s been only 2 bug bites TOTAL. TWO! That’s roughly a 4759% reduction in mosquito bites!

And I expect even betterĀ results (not that it can get too much better than 2 bites in 3 weeks!) soon as a full 4 week stretch is recommended to kill off a life cycle of mosquitoes and other biting nasties.

DynaTrap GuardYourYard how we got rid of mosquitoes

This DynaTrap XL unit is ultra quiet, safe and constant so we can play, camp, and simply *be* outdoors in our beautiful backyard all summer long with suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous mosquitoes.

Get ride of mosquitoes in your yard with your own Dyntrap XL and save 20% with the coupon code LIFEOFDAD until Friday 6/24/16.

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and DynaTrap for this promotion.

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  1. I love the video. This is great.

    We’re gonna probably be investing in one of these before long.

  2. It amazing how dynatrap keep away mosquitoes from taking a blood meal.

  3. the methods used to keep away the mosquito are just out of this world

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