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The Scenario To Solve The Child’s 1st Phone Debate

 child's 1st phone
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Young kids and cellphones. Not quite Pandora’s Box, but things can get heated when parents holding opposing viewpoints square off over the how, when and why of it all it. But let’s table all of the usual 1st phone fussiness and imagine a simple, singular scenario.

Let’s say you want to give your kiddo a phone – the genesis of this itch needn’t be scratched here – but you don’t want to put quite so much of the internet in the palm of their tiny, still growing hands because, as we all know, the internet is often a dumpster fire. No good parent should want his or her little angel in or around that.

But, at the same time, a phone in the hands of a young child has the power to uplift and make spirits bright. Don’t believe me? Picture this, if you will:

An 8-year-old girl does something new and funky to her hair. It’s kinda fancy in an 8-year-old sorta way. She’s calling herself a ‘college student’. She’s so stoked about it and stands in front of the bathroom mirror for a period of time that’s bordering on obscene, long enough for you to play out the string in your head: she wants to start cheerleading, then becomes a child model, develops an eating disorder, turns to drugs, starts being ‘advised’ by very sketchy old men and, well, let’s just end the bizzaro teleplay there. You awake from your miniature daymare to see her turning from side to side, looking with the happiest of 8-year-old eyes at her new do. You know from experience with this girl that this hairdo of hers will either be declared too uncomfortable to keep and/or be an unrecognizable mess of tangles in 3…2…1 and so you cast aside those pre-pubescent beauty pageant horrors and smile back, thinking, “man, I love the stuffing out of this goofy lil’ kid”.

Now give that goofy lil’ kid a phone with a good camera and within a few clicks, she is sending a text to her Mom mom with a photo of the hairdo, several dozen emojis, and a loving sign-off. A second or two later, Mom mom hears a ping on her phone and shazam! her day is brightened instantly by the sight of her youngest grandchild smiling and being silly with what could be described as a glorious web of dirty blonde locks.

You might wish that scene to be possible in your family life but you don’t want to slap on a new monthly phone contract to make it so. Yeah well, you don’t have to, not with an affordable, easy to use TracFone smartphone, a basic calling and data card (starting at just $19.99 for 90 days) and a simple $10 text only add-on card. Minimal investment & limitless joy; 1000 texts of fanciful hair photos, taking orders for wallet size or 3×5 fridge magnet school photos from aunts and uncles, and hundreds of “I Love You’s” and 🙂 ‘s.

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