Driving Through Death Valley and Yosemite on the Way to our Cross Country Road Trip’s Hollywood Ending

Yosemite Valley a la Ansel Adams

Yosemite Valley a la Ansel Adams

The Bear was apoplectic about spending 3+ hours in mid-July driving through Death Valley. That may or may not have been a driving force in us actually doing it. Because we’re a fan of awkward humor and of pushing our kids’ boundaries of comfort. Be adventurous, keep stepping out on ledges, but be smart and safe. That’s exactly what we did in the cool comfort of a Toyota Sienna.

sunlight through the clouds in the High Sierras

Sunlight through the clouds in the High Sierras

I wrote about our drive through Death Valley, our first ever visit to mighty Yosemite, magical Mono Lake, a mysterious desert sculpture park, and the Hollywood ending to our 3-week cross country road trip for Family Vacation Critic.


An incredible desert sculpture park with a give and take for kids.


The trusty Toyota Sienna in the heat of Death Valley National Park in mid-July.


Relaxing on the way into Yosemite.


The mighty Toyota Sienna tackling the rough and tumble and hot Death Valley.

Hollywood Girls

A cross country road trip’s Hollywood Ending.

The magic of Mono Lake California

The mysterious magic of Mono Lake California.

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