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I Believe That We Will Win But I Am Losing

2015 USWNT Photo

Not exactly a feminist dad dream sequence but the way I pictured it in the weeks and months leading up to the 2015 World Cup in Canada, there would be a #15 on my back, the name Rapinoe splayed out from shoulder to shoulder, and a #2, #10, #11, #17 or really anything other than a #1, on theirs.

We’d watch and cheer and jump-up-and-down-soccer-dance our mighty American ladies through the group stage from 3000 miles away.

But Australia was screened alone. And Sweden in solitude. I dragged them out for 30 minutes of Nigeria before they wandered off to read Shel Silverstein poems in bed.

I believe that we will win but I am losing.


Our summer road trip was to be spent traversing eastern Canada, ordering croissants in French while seated inside charmant Quebecois boulangeries, and catching a few Women’s World Cup matches live in Toronto, Montreal and Moncton. Plenty of tickets are still available, it disappointingly seems.

But we switched gears and I’m glad we did now because despite my best efforts and my own outpouring of love for both the game of soccer, our home nation, and the players who wear the stars & stripes with pride on the (synthetic — screw you, FIFA) pitches, my girls don’t give two shits about any of it.

I don’t often feel like an abject failure as a father — there was that one time and the other thing I screwed up, but generally I’m pretty confident I’m doing an alright job in this role of a lifetime — but my daughters’ absolute lack of passion, nay, slightest-bit-of-feigned-interest-to-appease-their-heartbroken-father in the 2015 Women’s World Cup stings something awful.

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  2. I understand. I envisioned watching the games and cheering next to my daughter and pointing out ever great pass and shot. My oldest son sits next to me and points out all of those things himself, but I really wanted my daughter to experience the game with me as well. I actually bribe my daughter to watch the game with me and when the US scores or has a great save, we eat candy or some other treat.

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