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Just Around The Corner On a Date

It’s best, even if you don’t have a spontaneous bone in your body, not to over-think these kinds of things. Decide and go. Hit a few talking points, cross fingers, conjure the faith you need, and move forward with grace and confidence into the great unknown.

We were just around the corner, sharing deviled eggs and a plate of chicken & waffles, but I couldn’t help think that it was the first night of the rest of our lives.

Last Tuesday, we left the girls home alone.

I suggested it at 5pm and by 6 we were in the car, backing out of the driveway, locking eyes with a dose of twinkle and a dash of ‘holy shit’, heading to dinner just around the corner. When I said last year that it only gets better, I wasn’t kidding.

The evening was momentous in that it felt utterly commonplace after a very short while and thoroughly magnificent all the while –> my wife and I alone in a crowded restaurant, out in our town on our own, across from each other at a thick wooden table, tucked sweetly into a corner booth, a plate of southern comfort food between us, holding hands without tinier ones sneaking bites of waffle and dripping syrup onto our laps and theirs, talking freely about whatever without smaller voices begging for sweet conclusions to their meals and the bits of ours shared involuntarily. That’s okay, kid, I didn’t really want that crisp, cold, delicious spear of pickle anyhow.

Sometimes you go great distances when you go just around the corner. Sometimes, new journeys with the love of your life start with the shortest of steps and the quickest drives.

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