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Going Down The Music Rabbit Hole In The West

A new indie kid’s song popped up into my inbox late last night. It was from an artist I’d covered once or twice in the past but despite my familiarity, didn’t have the highest of hopes for, which makes what would happen next even more surprising. A negative bias will often define how we experience the arts — if we think a movie will suck walking into the theater, we’ll try our damnedest to validate that first thought. We all want to be right.

About 20 minutes later, I shared this on Facebook

Facebook Screenshot

At this point, I began Facebook Messaging with a fellow kid’s music writer about the song, stopping just short of going line by line with her, both of us expressing shared adoration for the tune. Finally, after 10 straight spins through my good headphones, along in a dark room, long after the kids had gone to bed, I needed to stop. I switched to something antithetical, some ‘dirty’ (but not in that way) indie rock from These Estates.

My friend on Messenger had never heard of this band, so I told her they sound almost exactly like Silkworm, one of my favorite bands ever. A game-changing band for me back in 1993/94 when I first discovered them and their album In The West. The same year my life would be altered forever. This was no coincidence. She’d never heard of that old band either — not many had, they were one of those bands known only by those who loved them — and so I did what passionate music people do in 2015: share lyric video links and cross fingers they will be received well. Were they ever.

I try hard to not live in the past, musically or otherwise, but on those rare nights, at 11pm, when a fellow music nerd and I begin to geek out over bands old and new, kid and adult, going down the music rabbit hole to gush over muted chords, over wicked guitar solos, over loud/soft transitions, over the New Jersey college radio stations that molded us, and over a shared love of musical discovery that has continued well into our 30’s, I make a wonderful exception.

About that new indie kid’s song that started all of this last night –> you WILL be hearing it kick off the April 1st OWTK Kid’s Music Monthy Podcast, no foolin’.

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