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Finding A Brotherly Connection One Game At A Time

DailyMVP Fantasy Sports

The stone masonry work that formed the base of our relationship as adults began to turn to rubble years before I waved goodbye to our long time fantasy football league two seasons ago, but my retirement from the pretend sport I no longer loved was a proverbial jackhammer to whatever was still left standing of the foundation. Shards of stone, dust and faded memories of poolside summertime chatter between three brothers over the top 5 wide receivers going into the draft and in-season phone calls about who we should start at running back, were all that were remained.

I rarely speak to my two older brothers now. We rarely text either, except when one of us needs something from the other. I’ve come to accept that we’ve evolved into different people with little in common save for the blood we share. Family gatherings, like the frequent ones around the holidays are, thankfully, not tense or awkward in any way but there are few topics left for us to have normal discussions about — we don’t share the same taste in music or movies, never have, and now that I’ve traded the football field for the football pitch we sit and stare at NFL games with vastly different thoughts running through our heads. They are waiting for certain players to produce points and lead them to a statistical victory, I’m waiting for my young kids to clear the room before the next CSI murder is advertised during one of the countless commercial breaks.

But I’ve just found something in DailyMVP that may help me stay relevant in my brothers’ lives. The daily fantasy sports game with no season-long commitment lets me jump into the fray with them on a moment’s notice, on the days we come together over our parents’ house, so that we might do battle once again, cheer for him (in my case, most likely a Michigan State Spartan, like my man Le’veon Bell) or them one more time, and begin to build something new together. For me, DailyMVP fantasy sports is about finding a brotherly connection one game at a time.

DailyMVP Fantasy Sports screen

I mean, if it’s good enough for telemarketers like Gary…

and for quiet as a mouse librarians, then DailyMVP is perfect to act as the glue that’ll help hold my brothers and I together for a bit longer this holiday season.

DailyMVP also lets you go head-to-head with brothers or buddies on the hardwood, the ice and, once pitchers and catchers report in the Spring, on the baseball diamond. If only there was a European football game on DailyMVP, then maybe my family members could reciprocate with a similar olive brand to me and begin to understand, appreciate and cheer on players in my favorite spectator sport.

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