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The LEGO Extreme Makeover of Bionicle

Starting on January 1 2015, a range of BIONICLE constructible action figures (or “constraction” if you, like me, enjoy mashed-potato-like made-up words), complete with a new storyline, will be available EVERYWHERE. Do you remember how massively popular these Bionicles were the first time around? When my wife’s nephew was 8, so 8-ish years ago at least, Bionicle figures were all he wanted for birthdays and at Christmastime. I bought many a LEGO Bionicle in those days and was always a bit jealous. They looked SO rad and my kid (only had one back then) was still an everything-in-her-mouth toddler. Now, just in time for the LEGO Extreme Makeover of Bionicle, my two kids hardly ever put weird tiny shit in their mouths any more. Mostly. Okay sometimes they do but I think my domestic world is safe for Bionicle v 2.0.

If you’re are at New York Comic Con this week, you may already know this Bionicle news. as it was announced earlier today. Hey, if you ARE there at NYCCC, check out the LEGO Bioncile constraction figures on display at booth #1436.

The boxes, art design and packaging design is pretty stunning for the new LEGO Bionicle lineup.

And check out the new LEGO Bionicle Figures, with rad names like PROTECTOR OF ICE and LORD OF SKILL SPIDERS. Yikes, ok, that kinda freaks me out. I mean, spider lord? Ummmmm….

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