The Totally Easy Way To Visit The Grand Canyon In A Day!

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You can do it. You’re close and you can make it back and forth to the Grand Canyon in one day and STILL have a grand time at our nation’s most impressive chasm. Here’s the totally easy way for your family to visit the Grand Canyon in a day:

  • Stay in Henderson, NV. This is the objectively unremarkable town to the southeast of Las Vegas, the exact direction of both the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. You and your kids will see the bright lights of that wretched Sin City, but will not feel the need to shower off the heady stench of severe depression and ubiquitous pornography. So, basically, a huge win/win. By staying in Henderson, you’ll also be that much closer to a site truly worth seeing: The Grand Canyon. There are many affordable family-friendly hotel choices in Henderson, Nevada including this terrific Hilton Garden Inn that is just about 10 seconds off 93, the road you’ll take towards The Grand Canyon. Perfect!
Henderson NV is so close to Vegas yet so refreshingly far away!

Henderson NV is so close to Vegas yet so refreshingly far away!

  • Hit the Road Early.  This is a no-brainer for seasoned travelers, but to do the Grand Canyon in a day you simply must get the family in the car and on the highway early. How early? Before-the-hotel-breakfast-spread-is-out early! Grab some juices and bagels and yogurts and pieces of fruit the night before (and do tell the front desk when you check-in that you will be out early, they might just pack you some to-go breakfast bags!) and hit the road by 6 AM for the 4 hour drive. Depending on the time of year, you may lose an hour when you cross into Arizona, meaning an hour less of daylight at the Grand Canyon, but you will gain it on the way back, not that it’ll do your kids much good — they’ll be fast asleep!
  • Proceed Directly to the Grand Canyon South Rim Visitors Center. Do not fork over $100’s of dollars to step out onto the gimmicky glass walkway on the western side of the Canyon. That part is not in the National Park officially and will make it a frustratingly expensive trip and impossible to see the real Grand Canyon in a day.
You Can Do The Grand Canyon In A Day from las Vegas!

You Can Do The Grand Canyon In a Day From Vegas!!

  • Pack a Lunch or Grab and Go at the South Rim Visitor’s Center General Store/Market. The packed lunches aren’t bad but aren’t a great deal financially. If you have the ability to pack something in a cooler, consider it. At the very least, bring your own water/beverages and snacks. If you have reusable water bottles, you can fill them up with icy cold, crystal clear water from the Colorado River along the South Rim walking trail.
  • Ride the Free Trolley Buses To See Multiple Vantage Points Along The South Rim. Meaning, leave your car for most of the day and hop on and off the free, air conditioned, comfortable and clean buses that are clearly marked with the different route options available.

You Can Do the Grand Canyon in a Day from Vegas AND see the suset

  • Watch The Sunset At The Grand Canyon…At A Spot NOT considered the Best Spot To Watch The Sunset At The Grand Canyon. Get in your car towards the end of the day and drive to any open spot along the Grand Canyon’s South Rim that has a clear western view (meaning, almost ANY spot). Avoid the crowds who searched the web for “The Best Spot” and quietly enjoy the sunset together as a family.
  • Have a Late Dinner at the Grand Canyon. Cafeteria style means lots of choices and relatively afforable prices. Sure, it ain’t the Ritz but your family just spent the day walking, hopping on and off trolleys, and maybe even hiking down into the Canyon a bit — so, you probably stink and have no nice clothes. This’ll do for dinner! Try the chocolate cream pie — Yum!
  • Stay to See The Stars. For this city boy, seeing the stars shine bright, without a drop of light pollution was NEARLY as amazing as the Grand Canyon itself. Just find a spot in the visitor center parking lot, wait until nightfall, and watch the sky come to life in a way you’ve never seen before. Yeah, it is worth putting off the 4 hours drive back to Henderson for a bit to experience the wonder of bright, beautiful starlight. You WILL NOT regret it!

Download the Grand Canyons Visitor’s Brochure for Summer 2014 and visit the Grand Canyon in a day from the Las Vegas area! Have fun!

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