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The OWTK Podcast — April 2014

This episode is sponsored by the Philadelphia International Children’s Festival, happening April 30-May 4 at the Annenberg Center on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Click to find out more information on the festival featuring theatrical and musical performances from around the globe.


Happy spring! Big hugs to sun, warmth, green(ish) grass, baseball, and new music. Great playlist this month, with new songs from a They Might Be Giants band member, Bari Koral, Stacey Peasley, Mil’s Tills’ Amelia Robinson, and many more.

Dig in, y’all, to the April 2014 episode of the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly Podcast. Download the episode directly here or stream it in its entirety below.

April 2014 Playlist

  • StarFish “If You Say You’re Gonna Rock” from Master of Puppet Shows
  • Danny Weinkauf “Oh No Oh Yeah” from No School Today
  • Stacey Peasley “Broken Record (Featuring Mista Cookie Jar)” from Lucky Day
  • Hullabaloo “That’s Just Us” from Shy Kid Blues
  • David Heatley “Up In Cat’s Room” from Otis Dooda: Strange But True
  • Mim Eichmann & Doug Lofstrom “Country Breakfast Time” from Why Do Ducks Have Webby Toes?
  • Bari Koral “Apple Tree” from The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee
  • Rachel Loshak “Apple Tree” from So Bright
  • Mil’s Trills featuring Amelia Robinson “BroOklyn” from Everyone Together Now!
  • Josh and the Jamtones “Snow Day” from Bear Hunt!

Please consider supporting the artists making quality modern music for families by buying a track or two that you loved most. Thanks.


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  1. Tommy Three-Tone says:

    Hey this is Tommy Three-Tone from StarFish, thanks so much for playing our song “If You Say You’re Gonna Rock”. We had a lot of fun putting this record together, hope all the families enjoy it.

  2. Grateful Dave says:

    Hey this is Grateful Dave from Starfish, thanks ALSO so much for playing our song.

    And thanks Tommy Three-Tone for finding my tie-dyed Converse sneakers. I thought I’d never find them.

  3. Hi Jeff! This is Dr. Yes from StarFish. Thanks AGAIN for playing our song! Stay tuned for our next record, “Bridge Over Bubbled Water”. Okay, not really. I made that up.

  4. Loving the girl power! Nice list Jeff!

  5. Thanks so much for including “Country Breakfast Time!” from our new album “Why Do Ducks Have Webby Toes?” Very exciting to be a part of your April line-up of tunes!
    ~ mim

  6. Jeff, I’m listening to No School Today right now and it’s fantastic! Thanks to this podcast I’ve got some others to check out now. Great job!

  7. Awesome, Chris! Thanks for listening.

  8. You’re very welcome!

  9. Thanks, Joanie! Yeah, this is a special playlist this month.

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