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Walgreens Healthcare Clinics Offer Consumers Price Transparency

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The Top 3 Times I Needed a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Philadelphia are all panic-y situations resulting in odd-hour visits to the ER, agonizingly long waits, and eye-popping mystery invoices arriving in the post months later. I greatly dislike our nation’s current healthcare system (can you tell?) because, above all else, it is incredibly consumer unfriendly. It’s almost laughable how poorly you as consumer, as sick, in-need consumer, are treated. Your kid have a fever and a cough? Darn. Wanna take her to your pediatrician for a check-up? Of course. Have a right to know what that visit will cost you? Hahahahaha, no chance. No one can tell you, and no one will tell what ANYTHING that happens inside that office will cost you and/or your insurance company. Bullocks, all of it.

Walgreens Healthcare Clinics Screenshot

Enter, Walgreens Healthcare Clinics, and the murky healthcare cost haze begins to lift. In fact, it is crystal clear with good sightlines for miles inside your local Walgreens Healthcare clinic because there’s a menu of prices. NO KIDDING! A price sheet for the list of services provided! It’s like a real business…every other real business in America. And I smile at the notion that we are moving in the right direction. The price menu is the same for services billed to insurance plans, and they accept nearly all of them, or paid directly by you the consumer. Brilliant? Yeah, it really is.

Check out some of the healthcare price menus displayed publicly on the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic website. Transparency, it’s where it’s at.

If only we knew about the Walgreens Healthcare Clinics on Thanksgiving when our pediatrician, in a clear CYA move, told us to take our oldest daughter to the ER for a post-ear piercing infection. The ER was very unnecessary, took hours, and cost over $450. I wrote about that terribly expensive hospital experience already, but bring it up again here because we could’ve saved hours and hundreds if we simply knew enough to walk into the Warminster, PA Walgreens Healthcare Clinic less than a 10 minute drive from my parents home. Doh! And don’t even get me started on the tick we couldn’t get off our youngest daughter’s neck earlier last year, and the hundreds that cost us, or the lower back pain I experienced a couple of years ago and the parade of costly charlatans I saw before being properly diagnosed. Fortunately for you, our horrendous healthcare mistakes are your gain because now you know about the Healthcare Professionals at Walgreens, working 7 days a week and weeknights too, so you won’t find yourself locked into mystery pricing and long waits inside a poorly-lit ER waiting room.

Bear's Ear Piercing Before the expensive infection

The Bear’s pierced ear before the infection and the expensive ER visit.

Healthcare cost and the lack of transparency_The Bear and her infected ear in the ER room

The Bear in the ER with her $400 popsicle.

Someday, healthcare price menus will be commonplace, just as they are in other civilized nations. When that day comes you can reflect back on visits to your local Walgreens #HealthcareClinic and think of yourself as wise and way ahead of your time.

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