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A Dad’s Simple Prayer


May they not reflect negatively on those evenings when I made them brush their teeth for a 2nd time because the first attempt was so feeble as to be finished before the light on the handle had ceased blinking.

May they not harbor ill will regarding my unwavering insistence that they shower, gasp, two days in a row.

May they not judge me harshly for those moments when I made the choice to engage with my phone instead of them.

May they forgive the short temper that caused my voice to rise a decibel while conveying that simple instruction for the 4th consecutive time.

May they show mercy on my lower back for preventing me from always getting down on the floor to play.

May they remember instead the day in December, in the year 2013, when I surprised them by carrying a table and two chairs out of the house, out onto the driveway, followed shortly by a serving tray with a most proper First Annual Winter Solstice Picnic lunch complete with faux pine tree centerpiece.

May they remember that I never stopped thinking of ways to make them smile, and of ways I might help to make their childhood last longer and be more beautiful at every step.



*All photos taken with the Samsung NX300 as part of the Imagelogger program.

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