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OWTK’s Helpful Idea #8 Remodeling Without Spending A Fortune

Can’t afford to gut the bathroom and remodel like a champ? I hear ya, us neither. That shit is eeeeeexpensive.

But maybe you don’t have to spend thousands to make new a space in your home that is screaming out for a do-over.

I’ve found that, in the bathroom for example, buying a new shower curtain, something different looking than that dirty rag you’ve got hanging up right now, something bright and bold and exciting, along with a new rug to match can go a long, long way to changing your perception of the room. So when you are sitting in their doing your business and look up from crushing candy, you might just crack a smile because the spirit in there is fresh. The smell, not so much, but hey I can only help you so much.

Then wipe, wash your hands, and go back out to pick up a snazzy toothbrush holder and a couple of spiffy hand towels to pull it all together. Boom. Double boom. Sure, the paint and the fixtures haven’t changed, they might still be the punchline of a grosser than gross joke, but your eyes and your mind will be sufficiently fooled. Oh, and if you can caulk, do it. Virgin white trim around that old tub is like a back rub after a hard day in the salt mine. Or something.

In other rooms, replace the sconces on ceiling fan lights, pick up some new wall art at Kohl’s or at a starving artist sale. Minor tweaks with home goods you can buy for pennies compared to a contractors estimate will buy you months or years, give you something new to look at, and brighten your mood regarding your digs.

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