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Santa Doesn’t Bring Everything On The List, Right?

We’ve never had this dilemma.

I never considered NOT getting everything on the kid’s Christmas wish lists to Santa. After all, at most, each child asked for five things every December. Well, technically three things PLUS two surprises. It was easy. They got 100% of their wishes plus the 2 surprises plus a lot more because I’m weak.

This year though, they are asking for about 8 things each, and one of them, a microscope for the Bear, doesn’t interest me. At all. I dig science, don’t get me wrong, and I love her enthusiasm for the subject but she is developing a bad habit of showing interest, strong interest, in stuff and then seeing that interest fade like the sun (see: sewing, tap dancing, and most recently, gymnastics.) As whims go, these have been getting progressively more expensive. Me don’t like.

My own interest, therefore, in indulging her and plunking down heavy coinage on such a flight of potential fancy cannot fade, because it was never high in the sky to start with. Santa, I think, is going to leave that scientific contraption back at the North Pole this year, pending some signs of sticktoitiveness in my oldest daughter.

But, this situation begs the question, Santa doesn’t have to bring everything on the list, right? How do you have a conversation with a child when one of the wishes isn’t granted, when a wanted toy doesn’t appear under the tree?

Um, help, please. Thanks.

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