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Required Reading: What Doesn’t End A Marriage Will Only Serve To Make It Stronger (Or How To Fight With Your Wife Without A Future Court Date)

I am a fighter with my lover.  And yes, if you are curious, my lover will punch me in the arm tonight for caller her “my lover.”

If anger is a nail, I never shelve it. Instead I hammer the fucker home strong, proud, and true. Sometimes I whack my thumb in the process, but them’s the breaks.

My wife is the opposite, she is the type to store stuff away. Much of that is her family’s fault, they were never available to her as a child and didn’t foster a communicative environment.  God I hate those people.  But I love the hell out of my wife, so I try hard, yet fail often, to be the silent ear to her issues, even when those issues are me.

We had a big blow up last week, the flambe dessert to our tasty lunch date.  The whole thing ruined the delicious calamari (the best I’ve ever had) from Iron Hill Brewery.  During the row, I couldn’t get out of my mind the image of a big dude in a hot pink bathrobe. I know, right. The fella is Zach Rosenberg from 8BitDad and the reason he was in my thoughts while screaming and being screamed at, was his recent article on The Good Men Project.  He lays out 3 ground rules for verbal jousting with your spouse during the holiday season. It is a great read and helped me during my latest battle, so please give it some attention but be sure to ignore the tasteless photo attached to it. Maybe it’ll prevent a mug shot for you too, because lunch dates > court dates.

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