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A Kid’s Bedroom Makeover – Part Two

After days of scraping, sweating, having soggy wet pieces of nursery room wallpaper stuck to my hair, feet, and, well, other parts I won’t mention, and after our handyman had to spend an entire day repairing four beat-to-hell walls, the Mouse’s bedroom. Is. Done.

Well, Almost.

The handyman painter fella has gone, and the tri-colored room looks as bright, bold, and whacky as I imagined it would. And the small space’s resident digs it, hardcore. That last bit of course is all that really matters.  Once the final drop-cloth was dragged across the threshold and down the hall, and once I lugged the twin-sized bed back in and made it up with her new ladybug bedding, my Little Blonde Monster flew into the room, leaped on the bed, and squealed with delight.

We still need to purchase-then-apply the trees, wildflowers, bugs, and fairy wall decals, and hang back up he shelves and wall art (seen above and to the right, next to the Mouse mulling over many paint color chips), paint-then-stencil the three electrical & light switch outlet covers, pick-out-then-hang the curtains (a la the Bear’s room) that will replace the colonial white closet doors that wouldneverstayonthetracks, and, well, okay, her room isn’t technically done.  But she is out from under her sister’s elevated bed and sleeping happily in her own, re-made room, getting only slightly buzzed from the paint smell residue.



We didn’t have major energy-efficiency issues to consider when making over our youngest daughter’s bedroom — although I am sure ripping out the drywall and re-insulating the two outside walls would have helped out energy bills going forward — but if you do and if you happen to call Texas home, you should check out TXU Energy to make sure you are getting the lowest energy rates possible, and/or switch to the green energy sources offered — and help make the world a tiny bit better a place while lightening the load on your wallet or purse.

Will you get one more post when the room is actually finished; with gorgeous decals, wall art, shelves with adorable dolls and trinkets?  Maybe.  You want one?

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