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Seamless Socks For Sensitive Kids (Or The Most Useful Back To School Post You’ll Ever Read)

For school-aged children, flip-flop season has drawn to a close. In many households, this means difficult mornings are the new norm as sensory-sensitive kids are made to sock-up five days a week.

The Mouse has a serious sock problem.  It’s the seams along the toe line.  These drive her batty; buckets of salty tears, horror-movie-quality shrieks, and flailing about like a dying seal are every morning occurrences since Kindergarten began last week.  I feel for her, I do, but her tantrums are close to breaking me like Ivan Drago.  I’ve taken to spending the final 7 minutes of her prep time waiting in the car alone, deferring this delicate 70% cotton matter to the more patient Mrs.

But seams in socks needn’t be an issue any longer because, alas, it’s two thousand-freakin-twelve and there are bright manufacturers in the world (well, one at least, Jefferies) making seamless socks.  I know, right.  It’s like those ‘Zero’ soda claims of exact same taste with no calories — if that is true than why make a version WITH calories??  Same goes for athletic socks: if it is possible to produce them sans seam, then do it.  All. The. Time.  Who in the hell likes the way seams feel?  The Unabomber, maybe?  The rest of us just deal, without mailing suspicious packages to heads of state, but if we didn’t have to suffer a single sock seam again, wouldn’t we all be that much happier in life?

Anyhow, seamless socks for kids exist (even organic ones!) and may just make your morning get-ready routine more enjoyable.  I ordered a seamless sock 6-pack for the Mouse yesterday, and now just gotta get through a few more days with the seam-tastic variety.  Pray for me.  And I’ll return the favor.

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