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I Gotta Hand It To My Parents

Aside from a complete disdain for egg slicers and the sheer inability to drink milk out of clear plastic cups, I’ve got no issues. None.

I religiously listen to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, so I hear a parade of folks talk to the comedian each week and every one of ’em carries a litany of gripes, axes to grind, childhood issues, laments, fears, and hurt.  I know it’s commonly called baggage, but I felt the need there to spell out a lot of it.  I recognize the sample population being interviewed by Maron is made up exclusively of entertainment biz people, which I understand may egregiously skew the data, but still I reckon many adults in all walks of like have some heavy shit strapped to their backs, figuratively speaking.  Unless of course you actually have some hideous growth protruding from your backside.  Either way, people got problems.  And I, harmless quirks excluded, pretty much have none.

Just promise to never ever use an egg slicer while I’m around or attempt to serve me ice cold milk in a flimsy, clear plastic vessel.

This is my roundabout way of publicly saying thanks to my mom and dad for the stable life they provided me and continue to provide, along with me and my wife, to my daughters.  Such comforts may never allow me, the Bear, or Mouse to become a comedian or actor, but it’s a trade off I’m more than willing to take.  And I’ll freely speak for my girls and say that they are cool with this arrangement too.

Thanks Mom & Dad!

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