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OWTK’s Helpful Idea: It’s Never Too Early To Christmas Shop


With sites like Kids.Woot, Groupon and Living Social, plus dozens of other local deal-centric internet hubs, you should really be taking 90-seconds every morning to peruse and ponder the potentially perfect present possibilities; be it a product, like a toy, or a service like dance lessons or an afternoon of horseback riding (just be sure to check the expiration date on the services – one going bye-bye in November is gonna be one super sucky Christmas gift).

We already pulled the trigger on one of those fancy-pants solar house kit science projects for kids. We’d seen ’em in stores and thought about dropping the $40 or $50 but when Kids.Woot offered it up brand new for $9.99 a couple of months ago we didn’t hesitate.  The Bear will be opening that one up beneath a fragrant fraser fir in four months.  [what’s with all the alliteration today, Bogle?]

The untended consequence of shopping like this throughout the year is that come the holiday season you’re be devoid of stress or at least a portion of it – I mean, you’ll likely still have in-law issues – and have some extra cash in your pockets because the shopping? it’s done – and done cheaply – and done in dribs and drabs making it less of a bundled budgetary burden. [I’m out of control!]

Want an example of how great an idea this?

Consider this snazzy KidKraft Pirate Ship:

Like most all of these deal sites, you can’t deliberate long.  The price break is only good for a calendar day and supplies aren’t endless.  I’ve lost out on numerous goodies because I paused.

Of course it’d be wise to also be mindful of closeouts and other super specials in brick-n-mortars throughout the year, but the daily AM website scan I do is fast, painless, involved no lines or stoned cashiers, and can be done while farting about the house on your computer or smartphone.  That’s a win-win-win-win-win in my book.

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