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Quietly Turning 4

We blew it out for the Bear’s 7th.  Friends, science experiments, insane custom designed Sally Cat Busytown red velvet cake with sno-caps and marshmallows.  It was crazy.  And crazy delicious.

The Mouse will become a 4-year old this Saturday but there will be no party.  No balloons.  No gifts*.  No nothing.

Oh we tried.  It was 3/4-hearted but a few invitations were indeed handed out.  No one can come on the date we picked.  Not even my family members are around.

She asked for nothing.  All she wanted was a similar Busytown cake, with her buddy Lowly Worm on it.  I screwed that up too.  Made arrangements too late and now it can’t be prepared in time for Saturday.  Luckily, the Mouse doesn’t sweat such things.  Her mother and I aren’t so lucky.

*We upgraded our backyard playset earlier this month.  It was explained then that this would be partially a b-day gift and 2011 Christmas gift.  But still not having a single present to give her, to allow her to rip open, feels shitty.  We’ve gotta stick to our guns though.  That extra skybox, climbing wall, and mammoth slide was hella expensive.


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