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My first post for the snazzy parenting website EverydayChildhood.com was published this morning.  I’ll be manning the 1st Friday ship over there (each Friday features a post from a dude and I’m honored to be in the mix that includes Adam Cohen from DadaRocks and previously, Josh from DadStreet).

The writing style I’m using for these parenting articles is a little different than what you read everyday here on OWTK.  I’d like to think it’s actually more like who I am in, you know, real life.  Don’t ask me why my own site contains a voice that isn’t always 100% me…that’ll be changing ’round here (note: that’s already started with my snarky Sex in Cougar Town post yesterday).

Please go to EverydayChildhood.com right now and read my thoughts on what it means to be committed to a spouse, to your kids, to an idea, and to a set of cereal bowls.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment there.  I’d appreciate your feedback…as long as it’s flattering – I don’t take rejection well 😉

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