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Keller Williams “Kids” Radio Premiere Weekend

Following the lead of the Seattle power-pop trio Recess Monkey, Keller Williams will use a kid’s radio premiere (long) weekend to drum up interest in his album for children – the 1st such release in his long and illustrious musical career – conveniently titled “Kids” (due October 26th).

Williams is a fella who’s covered Amy Winehouse, The Butthole Surfers and Kris Kristofferson, among others (on his last album, one of covers, titled brilliantly as “Thief”) – so at the very least, “Kids” should be highly entertaining & all-kinds-of diverse!

Below is the schedule of songs and radio stations (links to each can be found by looking down and to the right), with internet/satellite/terrestrial all represented, participating in the Keller Williams “Kids” Radio Premiere Weekend. Mark your calendars accordingly.

  • “Keep It on the Paper” Gooney Bird Kids (GBK Radio) – Thursday 9/30
  • “My Neighbor is Happy Again” – Sirius/XM’s The Absolutely Mindy Show – 5:30 pm EST Friday 10/1
  • “Hula Hoop to Da Loop” – Zooglobble (Zooglobble Radio) Friday, 10/1
  • “Grandma’s Feather Bed”  Pied Piper Radio – Friday 10/1 (Kids will be the featured album for this episode, and an interview with Keller will be included.)
  • “Mama Tooted” – Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child – Saturday 10/2 (Keller will do a guest DJ set on this broadcast.)
  • “Because I Said So” – The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl Saturday 10/2
  • “Lucy Lawcy” Ages 3 & Up! Sat. – Saturday 10/2

For folks out West, be sure to catch Keller Williams as a “Super Music Friend” on the huge Yo Gabba Gabba! Live! tour.  More info on his mid-November Yo Gabba Gabba! dates here.

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