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Meltdown 2010: Dean Jones & Dog on Fleas

10:00 am is not an easy time slot for rock-n-roll.

Dean Jones and his band Dog on Fleas kicked off the 2nd annual Meltdown Family Music & Book Festival 2 hours before lunchtime and if the guys and gal were still sleepy, you’d never have known it listening to ’em.  There was zero rust to shake off or sleep to rub out of their eyes as they launched into their set with a cover (the name of which escapes me), some Dog on Fleas tunes and a handful of gems from Dean’s brilliant “Rock Paper Scissors” album that he made with help from the Felice Brothers.

Those who found it difficult to arrive at the JFK Middle School cafetorium in Northampton, MA in time for the 10am start (I’m looking at you Jeff Giles) missed a fantastic set.  Good thing then that I captured two of the highlights on video to share with ya!

Enjoy “Sing Like A Sparrow”:

and “Butterfingers”:

The Pokey Pup

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