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Kid’s Music @ SXSW

It’s been a long time dream of mine to attend the annual SXSW music festival in the Texas capital.  In years past, this dream had absolutely zero to do with my love of kiddie rock – it was the indie rock I was after.  But family music is deserving of and, it would seem receiving, a bigger seat at the enormous SXSW table.

The 2010 version of SXSW looks extra special, especially for families and fans of the kindie rock-n-roll explosion.  In addition to some of the best bands in the adult world, there’s also this:

  • March 20th, from Noon to 4pm there will be live, free all-ages music (5 bands/artists) on the Auditorium Shores Stage.  This show is open to the public – there is no SXSW badge needed for this family music event!  The bands confirmed to this point? How about:
    • Daddy A Go Go (John Boydston and his 2 kids, making fine classic rock-n-roll for your kids)
    • Kimya Dawson (Moldy Peaches, Juno soundtrack, “Alphabutt” kid’s CD)
    • Walter T and the Rated G’s (no idea who they are, but awesome band name)
    • Dawes (can you hear me squealing like a little girl?  This adult band is my current musical obsession. Lush, gorgeous harmonies and stunning arrangements.  Kinda like Fleet Foxes with a pulse).
  • Jumping Into the Kiddie Pool – Panel Discussion on the topic of getting into the kid’s music world (you know, the part of the music biz that is actually growing) with Stefan from Zooglobble, Grammy nominated producer Tor Hyams, Matt Pryor of The Terrible Twos, and others very involved with the kid’s music community.

I’m disappointed that I will once again NOT be in Austin, TX for SXSW but if you will be, spend some time listening to and learning about today’s vibrant kid’s music scene.  And swoon just a little bit to Dawes, especially during “When My Time Comes”, for me (get a free mp3 of that amazing song here).

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