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Children’s Music Now On Pandora Internet Radio

Just Announced!

Internet radio giant Pandora now offers 6 unique kid’s music stations – from sleepytime songs to toddler tunes to tween pop.  My personals fave is a station meant for kids 7 and under: Radio for Kids.  It’s twin, Rockin’ Kids Radio, ain’t too shabby either.  Been listening to the 1st and it’s pretty darn rockin’ in it’s own right (Danny Alderman, Kid’s Music Underground, Of Montreal, Recess Monkey, Central Services Board of Education).

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but the fact that Pandora created not just one catch-all children’s station but 6 diverse channels for kiddie folk, rock, pop and lullabies seems pretty important. The kids/family/all-ages/children’s genre is gaining traction in the legitimacy department (awesome) and this big news from Pandora kinda pushes the genre along even further in that regard (really awesome).

Happy listening!

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