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I was never a fan of comics.

Growing up, I think I was the only boy not reading Spiderman or, later on, Spawn. Despite my under appreciation of the style, I spotted some really cool looking comic-esque hardback books at my local library and recently took home 4 of ’em:

Otto’s Orange Day
Silly Lilly
Benny and Penny (Just Pretend)

All 4 are Toon Books, a series of high-quality comics designed for young children. My girls really got a kick out of Stinky (by Eleanor Davis) and his pet frog Wartbelly. The story is fast paced and extremely enjoyable to read aloud. The illustrations are really eye catching and attention holding – top-notch stuff.

They also liked Benny and Lenny in Just Pretend by Geoffrey Hayes. The book captures the little sister/big brother dynamic pretty much perfectly. Silly Lilly by Agnes Rosensteihl is a level 1 book with short, simple sentences describing Lilly’s favorite activities throughout the 4 seasons – it’s ideal for new readers. Otto’s Orange Day is a “be careful what you wish for” cautionary tale, and also quite good. I think fans of comics will love sharing these books with their kids and I’m proof that Toon Books can be enjoyed by those not typically enamored with comic book style.

I’m really excited for more Toon Books, including the new Little Mouse, which is available with a handmade plush toy (if you’ve got a spare $75 laying around).

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