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Milkshake – Great Day CD Review

I’m all for efficiency so, off the cuff, I’m trying something new here. I’m moving to a new format for record reviews in an effort to get through my gigantic batch of CDs a bit faster, cover more family music in this space and lessen the terrible guilt I feel in not discussing some of the really good music being made for us and our children.

In short, less prose, more, um, reviews I guess.

Expect this format to change/disappear/get better/suck as I figure it out on the fly.

First victim: Milkshake “Great Day”

Here goes…

The Sound: Artisanal power pop loaded with positivity and more hooks than a meat locker.

In the Cafeteria, They Sit With: The Jimmies, Lunch Money, The Not-Its!

Best Moments: “Statue of Me”, the star of the disc, sizzles with a creole favor. Straight from the piano intro, you know it’s going to be awesome. “Enemies” dramatizes the fun and frustrations of a pair of best buds, treating friendship in a blunt, insightful way. “When I Get Old” is every bit as gorgeous a rumination on aging and family as Justin Roberts’ “From Scratch”. “Travel Far” is a dreamy wish for the kind of knowledge accumulated far away from school textbooks.

Bonus Thoughts:
Holistically, the album is so good I’m even willing to forgive the uncomfortable Spin Doctors riff on “Happy Place.”

Okay, Time to Wrap it Up with a Nice Little Bow: “Great Day” is akin to a musical-genre costume party, hosted by DJ Tor Hyams. All you need to slip into this happenin’ shindig is to buy a CD. Milkshake’s “Great Day” is a party your family isn’t going to wanna miss.

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