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Hullabaloo – High Roller CD Review

Hullabaloo’s latest album of “organic kid-folk” tunes begins with “High Roller”, the title track that will make you think Johnny Cash has been reborn. It’s a diddy so darn good you may never get past it. “High Roller”, the song, not only evokes the spirit of The Man in Black, it’s the ultimate ode to being a cool baby out on the town and may just be the best kid’s song of the year (also nominated for: best kiddie album artwork of the year). After you’ve heard “High Roller” a few (or a dozen) times, move along ’cause there are some other all-ages gems here.

“How About You” is going to have Parrot Head parents reaching for their beach balls. No, it’s not about cheeseburgers or margaritas, but the song’s tropical vibe plus Steve DenyesBuffettesque delivery will have you dreaming of island life.

Moving inland, “Princess Bluejean” should have pro-girl-power families (like ours) nodding in approval of a royal gal who ditches frilly dresses for faded old jeans and would rather play soccer than sit around looking pretty. Upon assuming the Queen’s crown, everyone in the kingdom receives a new pair of bluejeans and lives “comfortably ever after”. Wickedly clever. “Princess Bluejean” fits nicely on the shelf, alongside Jane & The Dragon, Dahlia and The Paper Bag Princess, in the woefully under-served strong & interesting girl/princess section of childhood.

When not tackling the princess epidemic, Hullabaloo is imagining an overwhelming kid’s birthday party scenario. Picture your child inviting everyone, literally every single person, he or she knows to their next annual aging celebration. What’s worse? A positive RSVP from every single one! “400 Cupcakes” gives you a glimpse at the prep time required for such a gala.

Hullabaloo blends classics like “Old Dan Tucker”, “Oh Susanna” and “This Land is Your Land” with witty, high spirited originals. The result is “High Roller” – a loose, jangly old-timey record that your kids, toddlers through kindergartners especially, will be dancin‘ to and singin‘ along with in no time.

Visit Hullabaloo for samples of “High Roller” tunes along with tracks from the band’s previous efforts.

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