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Tracey Singer "Best Friend For Life" – Kid's Music Review

I may be some aging indie rock dude who still fancies quirky sounds, obtuse lyrics and discordant rhythms but I’m also a sucker for a sweet hook, undeniable wit, and the sentimentality of a love song. I also like a good story.

Tracey Singer provides all of this on his debut family album “Sweets -n- Treats”.

Singer’s a fella who ditched a professional job to be at home with his kids (hey, that sounds familiar!). That’s the good story part. He’s also penned one of the more lovely sibling frustration/love songs I’ve ever heard.

“Best Friend for Life” is a no-holds barred look at the life of brothers and sisters, warts and all. Your big sister doesn’t give your artwork it’s proper due. Your brother tells you stories to induce nightmares at bedtime. Your little sis won’t stop whining. Whatever they do, they do it to torture you but in the end there is, in the words of The Avett Brothers, “nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name”.

Yeah, it’s a little sappy and awfully sentimental but Tracey Singer shows the brother/sister relationship a lot of respect by crafting a tune that doesn’t sugarcoat the daily interactions between siblings. “Best Friend for Life” is one of many sweet & funny tunes that will be a treat for your family. Give a listen to all the entire album here.


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