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John Lennon Kid's Songwriting Contest – Cast Your Vote!

I’ve been neglecting to write about this for far too long. There is a very important musical competition taking place at this very moment (one that Simon Cowell isn’t involved with, thankfully).

You have until April 27th 2009 to cast your ballot in the 2009 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. There are numerous musical categories to vote on, but it’s the kiddie division we care most about here on OWTK. The children’s category is a showdown between upstarts The Flannery Brothers and the much-loved Gustafer Yellowgold. Both award worthy songs, one from each act, are available to stream straight from the contest site.

Holy crap, 4/27 is only a week away! Go, go now and vote (you can do so once each day)!!

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