Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Software Giveaway

I wanted so badly to test out the new Roxio Easy VHS to DVD software then review it here on OWTK. I have a pile of precious vinyl from my old indie rock days that I’d very much like to rip into my iTunes Library and listen to with the touch of a button (as opposed to having to break out, and dust off, the turntable).

I also have some old VHS tapes from when the Bear, my 1st child, was born – footage from her first year or so that I haven’t seen in 4+ years. I figured many parents are in this exact predicament and finding quality VHS to DVD transfer software would be a treasure.

So why haven’t you seen a review of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD yet? The damn thing is PC only. I’m Mac only. We’re not meant to be together.

My folks and brothers are all non-Apple households but I haven’t yet had the motivation or inclination to lug my crate of vinyl and old camcorder over to their homes, commandeer their computers and install new software on their hard drives.

Instead of all that business I’ve decided to give my sealed, unopened copy of Roxio Easy VHS to DVD away to one (1) lucky OWTK reader. Want it? Leave a comment here telling me either your favorite LP that you’d love to make digital OR your favorite camcorder moment (from way back when – funny story/scene that you captured and haven’t watched in forever).
Do so before 11:59 pm (ET) on Wednesday, March 18th 2009 and you might just be the lucky winner.

Don’t want to wait? Buy Roxio Easy VHS To DVD now!

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