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OWTK Modern Lullaby iTunes Mix

It’s been forever since I made an iTunes iMix. I decided to make this particular playlist public for a couple reasons, namely because it’s terrific (how modest). Seriously though, this, in CD-R format, is what both my girls listen to at bedtime every night. It features a pleasing blend of kiddie tunes, like Lunch Money’s “At The River”, and mellow adult tracks such as Archer Prewitt’s “I’ll Be Waiting”. Unfortunately, two songs got dropped when I published it to iTunes: Sunflow’s “I Wish You Love” and The Afghan Whigs insanely cool cover of “If I Only Had a Heart”. I guess iTunes doesn’t know those cuts. With those two, it’s exactly 1 hour of relaxing music. Without ’em it’s, well, a little less.

If you’re looking for an enjoyable collection of bedtime/chill out tunes that you and your little ones will both dig and you got some iTunes credit burning a hole in your digital wallet, check this out.

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