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Junior Jazz Fest at the Please Touch

This Saturday marks the opening of the Junior Jazz Festival at the new Please Touch Museum. The new theater production will be “Scat Cat’s Junior Jazz Jamboree” and on weekends there will be live jazz ensembles performing throughout the day. Sounds good to this jazz fan!

As an added bonus, the famous BIG piano comes to the Please Touch!

I’ll be putting the Mouse in school on a stay at home day and taking the Bear for a little one-on-one Daddy-Daughter time, sometime next week. This is something that I’d intended to build into the budget (it costs an extra $50 for the unscheduled school day) and do on a monthly basis, yet I’ve not once planned such a day. A primary positive, in fact one of the main reasons I did this SAHD thing when I did, was to spend more time with the Bear before she starts the 5-day a week Kindergarten grind next Fall and from there at least 12 more years of constant schooling. I saw this school year as my last chance for mid-week bonding with the girl and I’ve wasted, I feel, 5 months of it. Anyway, that ends this month as the monthly getaways with the Bear will commence in February.

Check out the OWTK review of the Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall before your family heads down to the Junior Jazz Fest. I wrote a shorter follow up review after some nice changes were made at the Museum – read that here.

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