Brain Quest Workbooks and Giveaway

The Bear is still one year away from Kindergarten yet we spend a portion of each Stay At Home Day (M and W if you’re keeping score at home), sometimes just 10-15 minutes, working in her awesome Brain Quest Kindergarten Workbook. It’s almost exclusively brought up by the Bear because she wants to work on her math or on patterns or something else.

Workman Publishing makes these workbooks for each grade level. The book is split into color-coordinated sections with numerous activities to teach, reinforce and review concepts like (for Kindergarten) Phonics, Numbers, Money, Time, and Science among 6 others.

The Brain Quest Workbooks are terrific tools for parents who want to engage their children in their educational endeavors and for kid’s who actually enjoy learning and can do so independently. Many of the pages need no parental involvement at all, even for a pre-reader, but for those that do it’s just a little bit of kick-start instruction required, like a gentle nudge down the slide at the playground. You start the movement but momentum and gravity finish the job.

Check out the cool Brain Quest website for some fun and games and consider buying a workbook for your child’s school level. They are all on sale at Amazon for about $10 each which is a great value for a 300+ page workbook. Widgets

**************** THE BRAIN QUEST WORKBOOK GIVEAWAY*********************** is pleased to be able to give away 1 copy of the 2nd Grade Edition of the Brain Quest Workbook (Ages 7-8). Topics covered inside the 2nd Grade Workbook include, but are not limited to: Cursive, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts and Multiplications & Fractions. Also included in the workbook are a Brain Quest Q&A mini-deck of cards and a big fold-out 50 states/50 flags poster. Simply leave a comment here before 11:59pm on Friday, October 10th 2008 for your chance to win.

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