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Bronze Medal Parenting

The OWTK household has caught Olympic fever. We got it bad. I was cheering hard for the pre-recorded Norwegian female handball team on Sunday afternoon. The Mrs, like the rest of the free world, has been spellbound by Michael Phelps. Yep, she’s a Phelps Phan phrom now on. The Bear is loving the girl’s and boy’s gymnastics, as I thought (and feared) she would.

As a result of all this Olympic spirit we’ve had the TV on about 500% more than usual, including every single evening. I’m trying to justify all this by telling myself that it only happens every four years and the Bear will be eight when the London Games kick off in 2012. So it’s special for that reason and it’s also cool to show her all the nation’s flags and colors then look at the globe/atlas to spot where those countries are in relation to us and France (the Bear’s European familiarity). So there is a slight geographical lesson buried in there as well.

In all honestly, the games have been great. I usual much prefer the winter games – loving the luge, ski jump and of course ice hockey but the summer games have been impressive. I love that we can tune in at 8pm Eastern and see live events from the other side of the world. It’s all been very cool.

And to think that all this Olympic TV viewing will bleed right football season when the television is guaranteed to be on quite a bit.

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