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What I Was Doing A Decade Ago

As you may or may not know, some 10 years ago I ran an indie rock record label that went on to release a total of five records (3 vinyl and 2 cd). The label was called MindWalk and I started it, in large part, because of a trio called drill for absentee.

Sarge, the hardcore Phillies fan who also banged on the drums in the late-great Philly (not emo, god damnit) math rock band drill for absentee, recently spliced out the individual ditties from the band’s only recorded live performace (it was the first thing I’d ever tried to videotape) and uploaded these noisy, grainy gems to You Tube. The show took place on June 12th 1996, upstairs at The Khyber Pass Pub (now simply called The Khyber) on 2nd street in Olde City Philadelphia. The venue, years later, would host the one and only “MindWalk Records Night” featuring drill for absentee, North and The Gilroys. It was one of the coolest experiences to have, at the time, the coolest rock venue/bar in town advertising a night dedicated to my little label.

Anyway, check out what I was doing as a 19 year old living downtown…

A little more than a year later the band and I would release this song called “This Process Will Make Chicago Wave It’s Little Hand” (recorded much, much better of course in a studio) on a 7″ piece of vinyl. That was MindWalk 01, the first of five releases under my label’s moniker. Believe it or not, that record is out of print but can still be sampled and purchased on iTunes and most other digital music providers. Check it out if you like Fugazi, June of 44, Slint, Hoover and other kick-ass math-rock, post-punk, soft/loud rock music. DFA’s “Circle Music” 5 song CD (MW04) is still available if you would like to pick up a copy (the artwork is pretty awesome – that is the handmade cover of the CD jacket at the top of this post).

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