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The Kiddie Rock Hold Steady

So there’s this Dad in Atlanta who, with the help of his sons, has been pumping out good old fashion rock and roll for the kiddie set for nearly a decade. John Boydston is his name and Daddy-A-Go-Go is his musical moniker. John’s story is an interesting (and inspiring) one as he abandoned the corporate TV news biz to be a stay at home dad. Now he hits the road with his rock and roll boys and a family friend playing Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits and other shows across the country. Talk about a cool dad!

Daddy-A-Go-Go’s new disc “Rock of All Ages” (clever title playing homage to The Band’s classic live 2-disc collection) blends surf, punk and classic rock but reminds me of two acts: The Hold Steady and George Thorogood. The music is familiar because who hasn’t heard that classic rock three-cord guitar riff, but it is very refreshing in the kid’s music space because it’s truly not a sugary-sweet or dumbed-down version of the guitar rock genre. Rather, it is a true recreation of a classic sound with lyrical content that is slightly goofy and accessible for kids of all ages while containing a few ‘wink-wink’ phrases just for us older folks.

“Rock of All Ages” contains two terrific covers, neither of which you would probably ever expect to find on a kid’s rock and roll record. Boydston and his “boy band” (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself) breath new life into “What a Wonderful World”, one of the best songs ever. The track is very cool, the band does a nice job with a legendary tune. The other cover is their rockin’ take on “Snoopy vs. the Red Baron”.

What makes Daddy-A-Go-Go’s “Rock of All Ages” work so well is that Boydston portrays the corny rock and roll dad, you know the 40-ish guy playing air guitar around the house, but he does so without making you cringe. In fact, his speaking/singing vocal delivery and story telling style will surely put a smile on your face from start to finish and his sing-along choruses and catchy hooks will have the songs stuck in your head all day.
It is fun rock music for, like the title says, All Ages. Buy it now directly from the band.

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