So Much Time So Little To Do

Opening Day!

Baseball is finally, and officially, here today (forget that 2 game set in Japan and last night’s bizarre 1 game set in D.C. – today is the start of the 2008 season). Opening day should be a national holiday but until it is declared as such, I will continue to take this day off each year and pull the Bear out of school to revel in our nation’s pastime. The Mouse will join in the fun starting in ’09. This tradition will continue into grade school and beyond…truant officers be damned!

Instead of burgers on the grill this year, since it is 40 degrees and raining (typical opening day weather on the East Coast despite last year’s beautiful early-April opening tease), I threw in a pork shoulder at 7:30am and made BBQ pulled pork for lunch on soft hamburger rolls…yum!

Here’s that handsome little shoulder before it’s morning in the oven. It was almost cute enough to snuggle!

I forgot to include this picture on my post this weekend. I snapped a quick photo of the Phillies v. Blue Jays on deck game Saturday…look at that immaculate green grass!

The Bear is asleep next to me on the couch, she should wake in time for the first pitch of the Phillies season, scheduled for 3:05 pm, although a rain delay seems inevitable. Play Ball!

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