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Eyeball Cake and Mouse Steps

The Bear’s birthday will be observed officially this Saturday evening at my folks’ house. The “event” will piggyback onto our family’s Easter feast. We ordered a pair of 7″ cakes from a cool little mom-n-pop bakery on the Main Line with instructions to decorate one with Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (customer-supplied image as they have no idea who or what that is). The other cake will sport a pair of eyeballs made by hand with different colored icing. I figured it would be rather humorous to present the Bear with an eyeball cake since she’s still quite found of using the word eyeball as a silly adjective (eyeball coat, eyeball blanket, etc). After Saturday, she can add eyeball cake to her lexicon.

In other news…

The Mouse, just 10 days shy of 10 months of age, took her first step – four of ’em actually. She left Mommy to come to Daddy, naturally, as we sat playing on the family room floor last night. The Bear was surprisingly unimpressed. She was too consumed with playing teacher and the Mouse’s feat (get it?) only served to steal away her pupils’ attention during story hour.

When forced to be a student again I find myself reverting back to the kind of juvenile behavior I would not exactly want the Bear to replicate. I just can’t help myself. I’ll tickle the armpit of the Mrs. when she raises her hand to ask or answer a question and deliberately act flighty, absent-minded…in general I’m frustrating to deal with. Maybe it’s just my way of seeing what the Bear’s response would be while role-playing as the adult. Maybe her response will show me how she sees her Dad as an authority figure. Maybe I want her to serve as a mirror to see how I look when reacting to a child that’s teasing, not listening or being kind of annoying (not that that EVER happens in my house!!!!). Yeah, maybe but I’m pretty sure I don’t kick anyone in the shins! That’s how the 4 year old teacher put her 32 year old student in his place last night! Haha…what the hell is going on in that pre-K classroom!

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