So Much Time So Little To Do

So Much for Tradition…

The Mrs. and I have spent the prior seven New Year’s Eves together, in front of the television watching great music. No, I am not referring to the pop tarts du jour that litter the national New Year’s Eve broadcasts each year. Our tradition avoids all that as we watch the finest rock and roll concert film ever made – The Band’s “The Last Waltz”. While the format has changed from VHS to DVD, some things never deviate – such as my inability to stay awake past midnight.

December 31st, 2007 was no different. Kids in bed, the Mrs. and I on the couch talking, laughing, making fun of a variety of characters that passed through our lives over the previous twelve months and gearing up for the rock show and my eyelids feeling The Weight (get it!) of a long day at work.

Typically, we will start the film around 10pm, so that it ends just in time for us to watch the ball drop, kiss and crawl into bed. Last night, however, I got interested in the funniest football game – the Orange & Blue Tigers of Auburn taking on the Orange & Blue Tigers from Clemson. I kinda root for Clemson, as does the Mrs. ever since I bought her a Clemson sweatshirt years ago after doing some work down there in South Carolina, so we wasted an hour or so watching ’em. By the time we started the picture, my eyes were fluttering. I ended up seeing just the first song on the DVD (which is actually the last tune they played on Thanksgiving Day 1976).
How lame I have became.

Here’s a glimpse of The Band performing “Up on Cripple Creek” during “The Last Waltz”


It’s 2008 – the year of the potato! And the year we finally get a new President!
Eat some French (or freedom) Fries and celebrate!

Happy New Year!

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