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Gustafer Takes to the Stage!

Morgan Taylor, the brilliant mind and voice behind Mr. Yellowgold broke this big news to me after the last show at World Cafe Live in Philly, but today it became official – Gustafer Yellowgold is hitting the Great White Way. Starting Saturday, March 15th and running through May 3rd, Gustafer Yellowgold’s Mellow Sensation (what a perfect name for anything Gusty-related) will be on the off-Broadway stage each Saturday at the DR2 Theatre (103 E 15th St.)

The show is going to be similar to the normal Gustafer Yellowgold live performances but with an expanded narrative, magical theatrical lighting and sound effects to enhance the experience. Also, Gustafer website gems Marina Eel Chow and Crunch O’ Pine Pinecone Cereal ads will be worked into the stage show. That is worth the price of admission alone, those faux-advertisements are a riot.

Tickets are reasonable $20 per person. I sure hope to get the OWTK 4 in the house for one of these special gigs this Spring.

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