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New Kids Music – Debi Derryberry "Very Derryberry"

Debi Derryberry delivers an undeniably pleasant collection of kiddie-rock tunes on her new disc “Very Derryberry”, a 15 song effort that appears to be aimed at the toddler set but is absolutely perfect for the older-infant and pre-toddler age groups. Really though, the sugary-sweet tunes are able to be enjoyed by anyone with a cheeky sense of style and humor.

There are a few truly great kids songs on “Very Derryberry” such as “Lechita Chocolate” (Chocolate Milk), a rockin’ version of “Skinnarmarink”, and the lyrically clever and rather humorous “Frechle Face Freddie”. The Bear was singing along with these cuts after just one listen – the music is that accessible and catchy. Debi’s playful voice invokes an overwhelming sense of 1950’s-styled innocence (heard especially on the track “Little Cabin in the Woods”). I envision the band in poodle-skirts playing soda fountain shoppes and ice cream parlours nationwide (now that would be a cool tour!)

Click here to sample each track from “Very Derryberry” and to buy the record directly from Debi

If your gang is familiar with Jimmy Neutron you may very well recognize Debi’s unique vocal style, as she gives voice to the TV-boy genius. She also serves as the voice of Gnocchi the cat from the newish Curious George series on PBS, and Weenie from Oswald – as well as numerous other TV characters.

Debi Derryberry’s Official Website

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