So Much Time So Little To Do

The Best Kiddie Rock and Thanksgiving on the Beach

I am very excited to announce that I will be writing the blurb for the #1 Kid’s record of 2007 on Fids and Kamily…can’t yet tell you what that album is but when you see it declared on Saturday morning (11/17) you will get to read why I voted it my favorite disc of this year.

Also, in one week my gang will be celebrating Turkey Day on the beach. We are heading to Clearwater Beach for a very long weekend, joining the masses traveling on Wednesday 11/21. This is our first proper vacation of the year and the Mouse’s first aviation experience. Hopefully the Bear, a wily veteran of the friendly skies, will assist in keeping her sis happy and entertained for the 2 hour journey.

The weekend after Florida, we will be in D.C. for the Justin Roberts show and to see Degas’ Little Dancer sculpture at the National Gallery of Art. The Bear is in love with a collection of Laurence Anholt books about Picasso, Van Gogh and Edgar Degas. With any luck, y’all get a big phat art galley/art book review and maybe, just maybe, even a giveaway – just in time for Christmastime!

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