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My Toddler is a Drug Addict

The bear came down with a fever last night. I had to make a run to the market for Children’s Tylenol after discovering the meltaways and the liquid had expired in April and August respectively. I went with the bubblegum flavor meltaway and Strawberry liquid (a girl has to have choices, right?)

She wanted the bubblegum meltaway and wanted three of them. We explained, as we always do, that although these things taste like candy they are not and what is designed to make you feel better can and will make you sick if taken in the wrong dosage. We gave her two.

Anyway, it was the night my mom watches the bear, so the Mrs. drove the 45 minutes to make the drop-off while I went to sleep (along with the mouse who had already retired for the evening) after a long, hot and frustrating Phillies game – and the glorious post-game traffic.

Flash-forward to this morning…my mom calls to inform us that at 6am the bear awoke, carried the bathroom stepstool into her bedroom and reached up to grab the Tylenol meltaway bottle (which should have been put away in the medicine cabinet). Somehow she opened it and took two more (after having her 2nd dose of two at 3am when she woke up very warm), with one still in her hand as she ran behind the rocking chair when my mom walked into her room to see what she was up to. Fortunately, she is on the cusp of the next dosage, which is 3 tablets, due to her age and weight…but still, this is pretty scary. Grandmom said she is not warm now – no kidding!

It is not like she watches me drink a whole bottle of adult liquid Tylenol when I am sick (I can’t swallow pills). Unlike that kid in the 80’s PSA, she can’t say “You alright, I learned it by watching you!”

I am sure her desire to have more bubblegum candy meltaways was innocent enough, but an intervention is being schedule for this weekend anyway. ha!

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