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The First Class and Rice Cereal

Saturday was a mildly momentous day for OWTK. The bear attended, and did rather well in, her first dance class. On Friday evening, the 11th hour which is when I always seem to be running around buying gifts for birthday parties or, in this case, picking up the essential ingredient for tap, I was able to pick up a shiny black pair of tap shoes at Payless Shoe Source (they stock a decent selection of reasonably priced ballet and tap shoes for tiny toddlers up to big kids, all their own brand in a sort-of partnership with The American Ballet Theater). Turns out you need to scuff up the metal on the bottom of those shoes before you start dancing. We learned this upon arrival and even though we did our best, real fast, the bear still took a couple little spills during the tap portion of the hour-long class. Ballet went much smoother – what is weird is that the 5 positions were not discussed or practiced at all, nor were the stretches needed before dancing. The dance portions of the class seemed a tad improvised, unlike the gym portion which was pretty well organized and planned. Overall it was a pleasant experience for mom and dad, even though we endured the parental chatter of McDonald’s, Barbie princesses and American Idol (we are truly not cut out for such socialization) and a fun hour for the bear.

The other excited news, to us anyway, from Saturday is that the mouse is now able to eat rice cereal! She is going through a major growth spurt, causing the Mrs. and her breasts to get quite a workout over the last week or so. She has barely been able to pump enough to supply the demanding little mouse. The introduction of cereal should help quite a bit. The mouse has had 3 servings so far and is doing wonderfully with the fact that a spoon is entering her mouth in place of a nipple – real or synthetic.

I never do this, but here is what is coming up this week on…

A glowing review of the sweet Ralph S. Mouse DVD being released from Scholastic this week and a preview of the SteveSongs show at World Cafe Live in Philly this coming Saturday.

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