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One Laptop Per Child

Buy this $399 XO laptop for your child between Nov. 12 and Nov. 26, 2007 and one will be donated to a child in a developing country. Your child’s computer will be shipped to you by Christmas and the donated laptop is tax-deductable.

These rugged, inexpenive devices, created by M.I.T. Media Laboratory for third-world children, feature high-res screens, a camera and wireless communication capabilities. The device runs open source software so your lil’ hacker can modify and tweak to their hearts delight.

Nice idea here. While I have not tried the laptop myself, the results from kid-tested trails were mostly positive. I would fear that our kids would be so used to high-tech devices that a simpler, less-frilly laptop would bore ’em, but it sounds as if the XO may be a nice starter computer for a young child…or you could always donate the one shipped to you.

From the looks of it, the XO has a very child (and Martian) friendly look to it. I dig the compact nature of it, the swivel screen and the rugged design that is made to withhold a fair amount of abuse.
If you wish to make a donation without receiving a laptop for your family, you can do so at anytime for $200. That will ship one laptop to a child in a developing part of the world.

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