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Home Alone (with two kids)

Tonight marked the first time I was left alone, at nighttime, with both the bear and the mouse. Crazy, I know. Generally, I assume more of the cleaning/cooking role in the house while the Mrs. handles the diapers, tantrums and such. But not tonight…oh no, tonight I am Mr. Everything (how pompous is that?)

My mother so conveniently scheduled an in-home Aerosole shoe party during the Eagles Monday Night Football game and invited my wife. So the Mrs. took off around 6:45pm and there I sat, watching an advanced copy of the new, and thoroughly rad, Scholastic DVD entitled Ralph S. Mouse with my girls. About 35 minutes later the mouse (mine, not Ralph S.) proclaimed herself ready for night-night. I scrambled to warm a bottle and shuffled off to the nursery to begin the bedtime process. Important note: I have never put the mouse to sleep before this evening. My wife, who “presents the breast”, is the exclusive bedtime coordinator for the mouse. There is normally a scarce supply of the milk (just enough for school the next day) lying around so it is not practical for me to perform this task. I did a pretty good job (read: I am really impressed with myself) as she was sleeping by 8pm. The video finished up and then the bear and I flipped between the Phillies romp over the redbirds and the frustrating start to the Iggles game. She feel asleep curled up on my lap – which is close to the most perfect moment a dad could have with his child. What a lovely evening…now if only the Eagles offense could get things going. My fantasy team, quarterbacked by Donovan McNabb is down 10 with only 30 minutes left before I start the season 0-2. Yuck.

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